About the Artists

Our products are made from artisans and designers from all around the world. Inspiration from nature drives them to create beautiful one-of-a-kind pieces. They don't sell mass production pots & planters. Each product was crafted individually with care by hand, and no two pieces are exactly the same.

Meet some of our artists from around the globe. From nearby and far away places, each designer has a story and unique local resources that inspire and shape their creations. The one thing they all have in common is a creative spark and the hard work that takes to bring their ideas to life.

From time to time, we will feature some of our artists to show the souls behind their creations:

Born to Spin

Along the border of the United States and Canada, Celine Fafard carefully spins on her potters wheel in her Montreal studio. After various careers, she discovered ceramic in 2010. At the Centre de Céramique Bonsecours in Montreal her studies led her to different techniques of turning, shaping and molding. Throughout the process, she developed her own style and people began to notice.

Her work has evolved over the last eight years. Her style refined and her technique improved. All of her current collections now are all smooth, entirely designed by turning on the potter's wheel. She uses porcelain and stoneware, colored slips and a technic of image transfer to print the text on the objects. With pastel colors and delicate geometric patterns her poetic collection is a lesson in simplicity.

She shares a workplace with other ceramists in the area. Cohabitation is very stimulating on the exchange on ideas, opinions and mutual aid is part of the values of artist in her community.

Recycled Trees, Unique Art

Along the Mississippi River in the southwestern corner of Tennessee, Tanis Hackenmeyer combs the wooded areas for bits of wood that she can craft into beautiful masterpieces.


Tanis has always loved creating...just about anything. From Lincoln Logs & Legos to gluing scrap wood from the development across the street, just as long as she had something with which to "build", she was happy. Her creativity spans from embroidery & sewing scarves to painting and even making beer, but she especially loves working with wood. Her first attempts at woodworking started with wood carving knives, and unfortunately she has the scars to prove it. But it was her first table saw that sealed her love of wood forever! As she has acquired more tools over the years, her creations have evolved and continue to do so.

Each of her designs is one-of-a-kind, many of which are made from logs salvaged in her East Memphis neighborhood. Recycling is a passion for Tanis, so collecting logs from others' curbs is like a treasure hunt  - treasure in that we rarely know their true beauty by merely looking at the outside. When she brings them home & slices them open, is when the real inner beauty is revealed (and sometimes other creepy things). Every log is unique, sometimes even from one end to the other can be vastly different.

Shaping Our World

Avesha Michael's designs can be seen in galleries and stores internationally but her studio is based in sunny Los Angeles, California. She is a sought after ceramic artist and jewelry designer who's love for all things clay began in her hometown of Chicago at the wee age of 8.

With great joy she shares her heartfelt designs and wearable works of art, each meticulously hand crafted and completely one-of-a-kind. Her style is organic yet elegant... each piece of hand sculpted and fire crafted art is made with so much love you feel it!

Cold Weather, Warm Hearts

In the westernmost community in eastern time zone of the United States, Ontonagon, Michigan provides a wooded work environment on the frigid great lakes. In the summer the sun sets over Lake Superior at 10 p.m. local time with dusk lasting until almost 11 p.m. By contrast in the winter the sun does not rise until just before 9 a.m. . Andrew Lunt and his family call this their home. What began as a side-business selling items to neighbors and friends spread as people began to notice the simple beauty in their natural creations.


As you cross the creek and ride the gravel road past our driveway, not much will catch your eye at first glance. Perhaps a few chickens will wander closer to your tires than they should, but most of them will be too busy sneaking into our gardens to make an appearance. If not for the dense woods, you might glimpse someone harvesting a couple trees, repairing fences or taking a horse ride. If you stopped your engine to listen, you might hear the radio leaking faintly from the workshop, or the cows mooing after their dinner, or even the distant rhythmic thunder of a family band practice. Be that as it may, as you coast by, you'll most likely sigh and marvel to yourself at the simple peace and tranquility of it all. That assessment would be at least partially accurate...

Eleven members make the Lund family. They purchased a piece of land near Lake Superior, built a sustainable home together, and went from hobby-farming to full-time homesteading. During that time they developed their artistic abilities with wood and other mediums. Their items are as natural and eco-friendly as they can make them. This means careful thinning of trees from our own forest, recycling wood waste as mulch and firewood, and using non-toxic paints and finishes.

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