Bushy Box Summary for Clarity Call




2020 has essentially been the first full year for this business, although I’ve been experimenting with products on Amazon for a couple of years.

We basically sell the same exact product under multiple listings, marketed for different uses.


Large faux hollow logs for a variety of uses: planter, bird feeder, umbrella holder, trash bin, animal hideaway, etc.


We have 12 different SKU’s/ASIN’s that all sell the same product.


Most sales are on Amazon. We also sell on Etsy, Ebay, and recently got on Walmart.com and Wayfair.


Right now, sales are approximately 15-20k per month top line.


Because of Covid and poor inventory planning, we have been out of stock a few times this year—mostly during peak season, spring and summer.

Most sales come organically from people searching for long-tail, niche products. I haven't had much success with ppc or other paid advertising.


I don’t know my numbers. At all. I’m dyslexic, and have a difficult time with details and numbers. I spend most of my time on the creative side of things, hoping sales will fix everything.


The numbers I do know: Each products cost $24.50 to make and package. Shipping to US costs about $20-40 pc. Shipping to customers is around $30 pc.

Average cost to customer is 150$.

I want to explore new ideas and sales channels, marketing ideas, ways to grow and improve this business.

My other business, www.lazyleash.dog will launch soon.

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