White Colla Holla

A forty something white accountant from the suburbs takes a shot a the big time ATL rap scene and the true story of whatever happens.

To the outside world, Brian Lewis is a quiet middle aged accountant in the suburbs of Atlanta with his perfect wife and kids. But deep down there’s something else going on that never got to come out. The strip clubs and cocaine can’t truly cover the unfulfilled angst that comes when creativity and dreams are suppressed.


What will happen when White Colla Holla is forced out of his comfort zone for the whole world to see? Can someone way past their prime and out of their element rise to the top or will it be a complete public failure?

Brian has surprisingly agreed to participate in this documentary, but is unaware that it’s actually going to take place — so the first session of filming will be a complete surprise to him.


Jared Williams  —  Attorney, Managing Director, Actor. Charleston SC

Character- ‘Tadow’ 

White Colla Holla’s Business Manager in charge of booking gigs, media and business opportunities associated with our shot at the big time.

Rob Bouton — Actor, Entrepreneur. Charleston SC

White Colla Holla’s confidant and right hand man helping him to navigate the rise to the top of the rap scene.

Robert Corbette — Musician, Entrepreneur. Charleston, SC

The musical mastermind in collaboration with White Colla Holla’s journey to the top.

Steps along the quest for fame and glory in the rap scene include:

• Recording an album in the studio


• Rap Battles

• Touring the ATL radio stations

• Several performances at hip hop venues including a grand finale at a music festival or the largest venue that we can find.

• Publicity stunts, etc. Whatever else we think of.

Why are we making this? Mainly to see what happens. It will minimally will be a hilarious experience we can learn from—with upside possibilities of making something meaningful that people like. The only goal is to create something funny and good—and if we get lucky and generate any revenue, it will be split among the participants.

Crew: Clinton Hall, Jesse Adami

Extras: Low Dirty, Owen Bouton, Will McGehee, CP Harris